Our Leadership

The way we describe our church structure is Pastor-led, Deacon-supported, and Congregationally-governed.

Our Pastor leads us to the truth of God’s Word and is seeking the Lord for major direction changes. Our Deacons act as a support-base for him in decision making and in ministry. Our congregation (all our members) are the ones who entrust our leaders with the authority they have and provide accountability.

Our Pastor, Deacons, and main ministry leaders are listed here.

Jacob Riggs

Pastor Jacob has been our Pastor since 2015.

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Tim Boehnlein

Tim Beohnlein has served the Lord here at Central Oaks since he was saved in his twenties through a Bible study at Denny’s.

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Rob Seymour

Rob was saved in his early 20’s and has been following Jesus ever since. He and his wife Rebekah are faithful members and servants in our church. Rob serves as the Treasurer.

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Joanna Walker

Joanna was raised at Central Oaks. She was saved as a child and has followed Him since.

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Lynsey Riggs

Lynsey became our worship leader in 2015 after serving the Lord in choirs, ministry teams, and other vocal opportunities.

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