Preparing for Sunday: June 10, 2018

Church Family,

Sunday we continue our study in Genesis 29:31–30:24. Jacob just married two sisters (Leah begrudgingly and Rachel after working for her for 14 years). If marrying two sisters sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to you, you would be right. What we’ll see on Sunday is two women who are striving for significance like their lives depended on it. After the dust settles and they’re done having 11 children all with one man (Jacob), we’re left wondering whether or not they’ve learned anything from the hamster wheel-like chase for meaning they’ve engaged in.

Meanwhile, we seek out significance on our own in ways that are eerily similar to Leah and Rachel’s. Will we learn from observing their sad striving to stop looking to God as someone who gives us what we need and realize He is what we need? One view of God makes us look like guests on the Jerry Springer show. The other empowers us to be content in any circumstance.

Here are three ways to prepare for Sunday:

1. Pray for God to speak to us by His Word.

2. Invite someone to come with you. I’ll be inviting a friend for the first time and I’m nervous! Here’s what I plan on saying, “Hey _____ I was wondering if you’d like to come to church with me on Sunday.”

3. Sunday we’ll be reading the Apostles’ Creed together. Watch this 90-second video about some of it’s history.

As always, Sunday school teachers are prayerfully preparing to teach this Sunday. Come early at 9:45 and join one of these classes, taking your children to one as well.

Remember, Sunday belongs to Jesus, not us. His Word and His Church are eternal. Let’s honor Him by going to bed at a good time and saying no to lesser things that will one day pass away.

Always In Christ,
Pastor Jacob

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