Sunday Preview: February 3, 2019

I’d like to take a moment of your time to invite you to worship God with me at our church this Sunday. We worship the God of the Bible. He is a wonderful God.

Click here to learn more about our church if this is your first time.

God is a God who loves to free people from slavery to false gods. That’s what He did to His people Israel when they were enslaved for 500 years to the Egyptians. In a similar way, He did that for me when He freed me from being enslaved to my sin when I was 7 years old. Others in our church have experienced this freedom, too, and will be gathering with me.

I know going to church doesn’t seem that important to many people. In fact, it might even be called a bad thing by some. But we come for God and for what He’s done, and we can’t stay away because of who He is. If you were a slave and are now free, it changes you.

That’s what the messages for the next 10 weeks will focus on: how God wants us to live now that He’s freed us from our sin.

The10 is about what most people call “The 10 Commandments.” But I’m calling it The10 because of a play on words. The10 looks like the greek word thelo, which means “I desire.”

I am learning that the way God wants us to live actually isn’t slavery–it’s freedom. And there’s a life-changing truth that can push us and motivate us to not just learn God’s commands, but to want to obey them. That’s my goal for these next 10 weeks–for us to see God more and more as someone who is so awesomely loving and gracious and good that we want to do what He says.

So I hope you’ll say no to lesser things this Sunday. I hope you’ll go to bed early on Saturday, say no to working overtime, tell someone you can’t make the birthday party. Not for my sake. I’m not that impressive of a person. But God is worth saying no to everything else. And that’s why we’re gathering on Sunday.

Those who come, hear, and obey will be blessed.

Some will be teaching God’s Word at 9:45 in various classes. Come to that. Bring your Bible and lean in.

Sunday’s Schedule:

  • 9 am | Prayer
  • 9-9:45 am | Donuts and Coffee
  • 9:45 am | Sunday School
  • 11 am | Children’s and Adults Worship

How to Prepare:

  • Ask God to speak to us and reveal lesser gods that compete with Him.
  • Invite someone to come with you.
  • Ask God to bring guests to worship with us.
  • Read Exodus 20:1-3. 

God is all,
Pastor Jacob 

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