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Sunday Preview: February 3, 2019

I’d like to take a moment of your time to invite you to worship God with me at our church this Sunday. We worship the God of the Bible. He is a wonderful God. Click here to learn more about our church if this is your first time. God is a God who loves to […]

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What Does It Mean to “Make Disciples”?

What follows are some thoughts based on a study called The Vine Project that a group from Central Oaks are going through with me. I share these thoughts mainly for members of Central Oaks, but also for anyone else wanting to help others follow Jesus. ______________ Jesus gave all of His followers a command in Matthew […]

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Tom’s Scarf

I grew up in Cheatham County, Tennessee, where if you are a man, you do NOT wear a scarf. The average temperature in February in my hometown is 39. Scarves are not necessary. So if you were wearing one, it was as an accessory, not a necessity. And if you wore a scarf as an […]

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