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3 Commonly Held Beliefs About Christmas That Aren’t True

Christmas has become so mixed up with American culture that it’s hard to keep what’s biblical and what’s cultural straight. So I thought I’d offer three commonly-held beliefs about Christmas that simply aren’t found in the Bible. 1. Christmas is not Jesus’ birthday. In fact, Jesus doesn’t have a birthday because He has always existed. […]

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Where We’ve Been and Where We Must Go

This past Sunday we celebrated 80 years of God’s faithfulness as a church family. That Sunday I shared the following with everyone in attendance. I share it here for anyone who may have missed it. ______ Where Have We Been? It was 1938 when Raymond Riggs, my grandfather, would preach from the back of a […]

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What Does It Mean to “Make Disciples”?

What follows are some thoughts based on a study called The Vine Project that a group from Central Oaks are going through with me. I share these thoughts mainly for members of Central Oaks, but also for anyone else wanting to help others follow Jesus. ______________ Jesus gave all of His followers a command in Matthew […]

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