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Preparing for Sunday: June 10, 2018

Church Family, Sunday we continue our study in Genesis 29:31–30:24. Jacob just married two sisters (Leah begrudgingly and Rachel after working for her for 14 years). If marrying two sisters sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to you, you would be right. What we’ll see on Sunday is two women who are striving for […]

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Where We’ve Been and Where We Must Go

This past Sunday we celebrated 80 years of God’s faithfulness as a church family. That Sunday I shared the following with everyone in attendance. I share it here for anyone who may have missed it. ______ Where Have We Been? It was 1938 when Raymond Riggs, my grandfather, would preach from the back of a […]

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Preparing for Sunday: June 3, 2018

Church Family, This Sunday we will celebrate 80 years of the Lord’s faithfulness to our church. It was 1938 when Raymond and Winona Riggs started proclaiming the gospel on Brush Street in Detroit, urging people to repent of their sins and trust in Christ for salvation. By God’s grace, we are still proclaiming that same […]

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