What to Expect

Sunday Morning Worship (11 am)

Coming In

Come in the main entrance under the awning. Someone will greet you when you enter and hand you a program for the worship service. If you have children, you’ll be asked to fill out your information for security purposes and then will be shown to the Adventurer’s Worship upstairs. Our main level and lower level are wheelchair accessible. Feel free to bring any question to a greeter or a host sitting at the Next Steps table in the walk-in area.


We are a mix of ages and don’t cater to a particular age group. We have younger families with children and babies, empty nesters, singles, and senior citizens. We come from a variety of backgrounds and income levels.

Dress is primarily business-casual, while some are more formal and some are less. There is no required way to dress in order to attend.

Our main worship gathering usually contains the following elements:

Congregational Singing

We have worship leaders but no performers. Every leader is a member of our church and is not a professional. Words of the songs are provided on screens to encourage and equip everyone to sing along to praise our God and encourage one another. We use multiple instruments but seek to keep the sound level at a point where the congregation can hear one another sing.

Bible Readings

Every service contains someone reading the Bible aloud, and sometimes we read it together aloud. Our Pastor reads the Scripture text before preaching that text. Bibles are available in the pew, and often Scripture is provided on screens. We primarily use the English Standard Version of the Bible.


Corporate prayer is encouraged by someone leading a prayer. We pray at the beginning of our service, asking God to speak to us and focusing our minds on Him. Pastor Jacob often leads in a pastoral prayer before the sermon. Everyone is encouraged to pray to God in their own heart and mind as whoever is praying out loud leads.


Our members have committed to give regularly, and many of our regular attenders do as well. Guests are not expected to give anything during our “Offering” portion of our service. Our giving goes to fund the ministry of our church, local ministries, and ministries across the world.


Pastor Jacob Riggs preaches 95% of the time on Sunday mornings. His purpose is to proclaim God’s Word, help us understand what it says, and how we can apply it to our lives. His sermons usually last around 35-40 minutes. We provide a free sermon notebook (available at the gray table) to keep track of your sermon notes and use for personal reflection.


On the last Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. If you have surrendered to and believed in Jesus Christ for salvation, knowing Him personally, we encourage you to participate with us. But if you are not a follower of Christ, we ask you to not participate in this portion of our service.

Sunday School (9:45 am)

Beginning at 9:45, a group of a few to a dozen or more people gather in separate rooms in our building. There is a time of prayer and Bible study in each group. Participation is encouraged but not required. If you have children, come a little early so you can get them to their classes and be at yours on time. Each class is topically based and lasts for 6-7 weeks at a time. The purpose is to establish us in our faith and equip us to help others follow Jesus.

MidWeek–Wednesdays at 7pm

On Wednesdays, all adults gather to spend more focused time in prayer for the needs of our church. We also hear teaching from God’s Word through a book of the Bible.

This time is more informal where everyone has an opportunity to share, ask questions about the teaching, or make comments as God leads them.

It is usually led by Pastor Jacob but others teach from time to time.

Children meet downstairs for a time of Bible teaching, worship, and crafts.