Church family and friends, I pray the Lord is giving you peace in the midst of […]
In my sermon from this past Sunday from 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22, I made the case that […]
We practice membership at Central Oaks. Most of the people who attend are official “members” of […]
I am writing this with mainly the people of Central Oaks in mind. It is my […]
Christmas has become so mixed up with American culture that it’s hard to keep what’s biblical […]
Every day I wake up with the Devil on my face. That’s a phrase I stole […]
What follows is a regular installment of a prayer from the Puritan’s Valley of Vision, a compilation […]
This past Sunday we celebrated 80 years of God’s faithfulness as a church family. That Sunday […]
What follows is a prayer from the Puritans taken from the book Valley of Vision, a book […]
Have you ever been mad at someone about religious beliefs? I have. And not too long […]
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