Our Family DNA

This is the main message that unites us together as one.


God is the King of the universe. He made everything and sustains it. He is good and deserving of everyone to devote their life to Him.


We have all wanted to be the king of our own lives. But we messed it up and hurt ourselves and those around us. These acts of rebellion we’ve all committed are called sin and are deserving of God’s judgment.


Instead of punishing us for our rebellion, God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to earth to suffer in our place. God raised Him from the dead to make Him King of everyone and everything and to offer forgiveness and new life to those who trust in Him.

Our Response

God has now helped us do two things in response to this news: our church family has each (1) turned away from living our lives as our own king to let Jesus be our king instead and (2) believed in Him.

Our church’s mission is to help people follow Jesus.

Each of us has something to contribute so others can be adopted and we can all grow to become just like Jesus.

Are you looking for a family to belong to in Christ? Attend our next gathering this Sunday at 11AM!

Sundays at 11 AM is the main time we gather. It’s the best place to start if you are looking for a church family or are just interested in learning more about Jesus or the Bible.

what to wear

Most people are business-casual in dress, with some more casual and some more formal. Our pastors usually dress business casual.

what to bring

If you have a Bible, bring that. If you don’t have one, we have one on the pew you can take home with you. We provide masks to any who wish to wear them.


During our main gathering, we have a nursery with volunteers to take care of babies from 0-2 and Sunday School and worship for kids grades K-5.

where to enter

There’s a long awning leading to our main entrance on the north side of the building. Come in there and go up the stairs. It’s hard to miss. 

We gather on Rochester Rd. in Royal Oak, north of 12 mile, right across from Red Run Golf Club. Our physical address is: 2005 Rochester Rd., Royal Oak, MI, 48073.

Watch Online

To get a preview of what our main gatherings are like, watch via our Facebook page live on Sundays at 11 AM, or watch a previous gathering.


contact US

Send us a message here or reach out on Facebook